With over 15 years of Oregon litigation experience, Angela Marie has developed an incisive eye for how administrative regulations impact businesses and individuals, and what protocols most efficiently flow through OLCC screenings. At Jacoby Law, Angela coordinates and constructs all litigation, administrative, and regulatory compliance matters, and works with clients daily to reach crucial milestones. Through her previous background as Chief Compliance Officer with a large scale vertically integrated cannabis company, Angela leverages her seasoned expertise to assess all possible outcomes and craft winning solutions.  She has assisted Kevin Jacoby and many attorneys prior in navigating a broad range of cases, including administrative and civil matters for the State of Oregon Department of Human Services and for a Salem, Oregon law firm specializing in business litigation and administrative law.

Angela is a true advocate for her community and has served in leadership roles to numerous boards and volunteer roles such as: Board Member for Marion County Health Advisory Board, and HIV Local Planning Committee for Marion County, Salem Rainbow Youth, the Juvenile Court Improvement Program, Partnership for Safety and Justice, the Children’s Justice Alliance, Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette, and the Salem-Keizer School District.

Angela earned a Bachelor of Science of Social Science from Portland State University and is a Pacific Northwest native with a love for the outdoors. She enjoys skiing, hiking, camping and gardening.

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