We are a boutique firm providing legal solutions for Oregon’s community and cannabis industry. Jacoby Law primarily consists of Kevin Jacoby, who has over seventeen years of legal experience and has served the cannabis industry since 2015. Our mission is providing fearless representation to those seeking help in cannabis’s high-stake business environment. Our main priorities are helping clients:

  • Understand and comply with regulations.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks in heavily regulated industries.
  • Protect businesses from anti-cannabis discrimination.

Kevin Jacoby and trusted paralegal Angela Marie together have over thirty years of experience specializing in Oregon litigation.

Kevin is well known for representing the industry in novel administrative law cases such as OLCC’s attempt to ban flavored cannabis vapes in 2019 and more recently the effort to overturn the Oregon Health Authority’s rule requiring testing for presence of Aspergillus in cannabis.

Angela, has over 15 years of experience as a paralegal, both in private practice and in the public sector. In addition, Angela has significant hands-on experience as a compliance officer for a vertically-integrated cannabis company, along with ushering hundreds of recreational marijuana licensing applications and change requests.

We promote a cannabis-friendly attitude and welcome clientele diversity.

If you have legal questions related to Oregon litigation or cannabis matters, please contact us today.

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