Firm | February 14, 2024

2024 Oregon Cannabis Compliance: OLCC Rules Changes

As we enter the new year it’s important to take note and understand OLCC changes that could effect marijuana licensees, applicants, Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) hemp handlers and growers, hemp vapor item manufacturers, and medical marijuana processors and dispensaries. Failing to understand Oregon’s cannabis compliance rule changes could result in an OLCC administrative violation.

See the official OLCC bulletin here. 

Rule Changes at a Glance

• Oregon Water Resources Department Marijuana Producer Water Use Form;
• License denial criteria and premises restrictions;
• Daily sales limits and concentration/serving size limits;
• Clarification of “different potency” under one UID tag:
• Infused pre-roll weights and labeling;
• Inactivation of package and label applications;
• The state cannabis reference laboratory;
• Violations and violation categories;
• Changes to definitions;
• Presumptive testing of hemp crops;
• Addition of hemp items to advertising rules & health claims in advertising; and
• Minor technical changes.


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